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Join us, a growing community!

Join us, a growing community!

Together with Employerland to test how knowledgeable millennials are about your Company

A recent Business Competition launched by Johnson&Johnson has involved students in engineering from the University of Rome.Candidates have enjoyed answering questions about the Company through the app.

“Take the challenge, study J&J’s corporate presentation, answer the questions and reach the top 10!” Only those who were the most motivated and prepared had direct access to the Recruiting Day held at the Company’s facilities few weeks afterwards.

Together with Employerland to select a sensitive target for the Company

Women@bosch, a special project dedicated to attracting recently graduated female engineers, has been renewed by leveraging gamification’s potential. Reaching and being known by young female engineers potentially interested in working with us has been possible thanks to Employerland. women@bosch 3.0 brings together the power of mobile technology with the possibility to meet face-to-face with the female managers for a fruitful exchange during the Girls Day.


Together with Employerland to meet and spend a whole day together at the Company’s facilities

Unilever has opened its doors to candidates who have accepted the challenge and have been playing with Employerland.
Students, coming from different programmes relevant to the Company, have been invited to play the competition. At the end, the gamers who demonstrated a higher compatibility with the Company and therefore were on top of the ranking, were invited to participate to the In-House Day. The event consisted of a full day in the Company’s facilities in which gamers had the chance to meet employees and live a proper working day.